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Thread: [Walkthrough] Illusion Castle

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    [Walkthrough] Illusion Castle

    Taken from Cabal EU forums...minus pictures

    Link --->http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?t=156940

    Dungeon Entry Requirement:

    * Character Level Above level 120
    * Battle Style Above level 11
    * Reward 10,000 Honor Point for completing + Extra honour for the Illusion Stone Quests
    * Dungeon Duration is 2 hours

    Dungeon Entry Item:

    * Copy of Illusive Apocalypse

    Dungeon Entry Location:

    * Lake Side (X: 171, Y: 175)

    When you enter Illusion castle you will see some bones lying around at the start click them and go on, a warning will appear.

    You will meet your first boss Crusek Faello, defeat him.

    Go on and you will find a wall blocking your way, break it.

    You huge crowd of mobs will wait you at the next area, defeat a few and Tartaminos will spawn.

    You can go on after you defeated him.

    Now the tricky part of the dungeon will follow, you need the right combination for the Altars/Stones which is 2(Altar) - 4(Altar) - 2(Altar) - 3(Stone) - 2(Altar) - 5(Altar) - 1(Stone).

    A warning message will appear and you have to defeat 2 Orc Commanders.

    Go on again and you will see a crystal (Orc Chief's Treasure), click on it and a Boss Mob will spawn.
    You can select between 3 different forms (1st destruction/2nd healer/3rd Curse), it depends on what you click.

    When you go on a Warning message will appear, now you have to be fast, run to the cave at the right side to kill an Orc scout, otherwise you wont be able to defeat the hidden boss (there is a machine which you attack as well on the left no idea what for it is used).

    -Hidden Boss-

    If you killed the Orc scout the green wall at the right side will be vanished.

    You can defeat now Bigcrup Cuawan to get one more chest.

    After it go on again.
    On your way you will cross a chest on the ground and a wall is blocking the way, kill the chest once (if you kill it more often the mob amount in the next area will be bigger) and wait till the way will be free (~30 seconds).

    You will see 2 cages, click on the right one to spawn the Harpy Boss Surkhan.

    After you killed it go on and break the crystal wall which is blocking the way.

    You will end up in an area full with harpys, if you kill the correct one the Harpy Boss Kierke will spawn

    Go on again till a wall is blocking the way, if you break it a warning message will appear and you have to defeat Maga Eyagre.

    After you are done with the boss, go down till you meet the Gate Keeper Faellos kill them and the way will be open to the last boss.

    The last boss has 2 forms, first one is pretty easy has a spike attack and can go bersek if you take too much time to kill it.
    Second one will debuff you with attack/defence decrease.

    Now you can use your stones with one of the 3 crystals in the end boss room, to get honour + a chest.

    Illusion Stone Quests:

    Each party member can obtain an illusion stone (3 different types) during the dungeon run, which just he/she can use at the end of the dungeon to get honour and an extra chest.

    The Best one it will give you a legendary Box + 10.000 Honour.
    Legacy Chest + 5.000 Honour
    Relic Chest + 2.000 Honour

    Now you can finish the dungeon by clicking on grinder wheel.

    Gratz you have successfully finished Illussion Castle.

    All Credits To Elmarcyboy...Just thought it would be helpful for those who can't visit Cabal EU Forums.

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    Shadow Titanium Sephiroth's Avatar
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    Anyone soloed this yet? lol...
    R.I.P. xSephirothx

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    Red-Osmium Rage's Avatar
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    way to easy of a dungeon.

    pro english right here

    Quote Originally Posted by bingotoy View Post
    the prices i pay is for example you sell me worth of 2.5bil item so i will pay 100USD per bil so 100 USD x2 = 1000 USD for 500m is 50

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage View Post
    way to easy of a dungeon.
    All things being subjective,
    how far could a level 130 get in there?
    level 140?

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    lol thats one of the dif ways for orc quest the simpelest and shorts is click 1st alter 1st option 1 st altar 2nd option 3rd altar no option then 1st altar 2nd option 1st altaer 1st option simplest lol


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    nah simplest = 2nd altar 2nd option, 4th altar 1st option, 1st altar 1st option ^^

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    I just Click on the 3rd stone, go back to the first altar and click the top option. Works every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterRoshi69 View Post
    I just Click on the 3rd stone, go back to the first altar and click the top option. Works every time.
    yep dats the fastest way man.... but pple like doing it the long way..

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    wow people are so stupid .... dont they know that clicking the third stone then first stone then top option makes boss appear

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    here it is..i solo it at 170 easy 954def 196CD 1053 base 49amp. first stone THEN Second stone then first stone again. easy

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