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Thread: The Last Apocalypse Card Quest Lv 83 WA

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    The Last Apocalypse Card Quest Lv 83 WA

    So I recently started this game. Yesterday, I got to level 83 and started the quest "The Last Apocalypse Card". I'm suppose to go into the dungeon Lake in Dusk in GD and find some Minotaur's Tomb. I fought through the whole dungeon but never found the tomb. Can someone please explain/guide me through this in game or on the forum? Im on Mercury and my ign is phyye. Thanks . (:

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    If you kill ziggy and then go around his tower thing in the back is the tomb.

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    I went around the whole tower last time but found nothing. Well thanks for the info, ill try that again when i get back on.

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    If you still have not found it and play on Venus: pm me CrittneySpears and ill take you to it.

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