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Thread: Seal Quest

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    Seal Quest

    The quest is literally impossible and I'm tired of losing my exp and getting a frickin death penalty. can anyone tell me what I need to do to my mystic set to be able to beat that place. I'm lookin for an epaulet that I can use for the mystic set. Anyone know if and where it drops?? thanks for anyone posting here

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    The epaulet that is "suitable" is the EoX +7 which are dropable from the lakeside boss or mutant forest.

    And that dungeon is not impossible, I did it as soon as I got it, it is hard and took about 4 tries, but it's not impossible. And that was in a +3 osmium set of crap (only 7% ssa w/ +20 def rate in suit, mp/hp leech 2s gloves (no craft),empty boots of will, and 27% damage helm)

    Battle mode + aura is your best friend in that dungeon.

    Good luck!

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