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Thread: Need a good FB Guide and stat build

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    Need a good FB Guide and stat build

    I just started playing cabal and i need help with building a strong fb so i will need a good and updated guide. I have tried looking but most of them are from 2-3 years ago.

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    Do you need combos, gear, upgrades, or what?

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    I'm going to chime in and say that, if it's a really good guide, it should have all of those. So I tag this in hopes of seeing if there is such a guide.

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    Updated guides pretty much don't exist because most good people tend to just hide their gear, combo, etc. The best thing you can do is just ask specific questions here and hope someone answers.

    I'm on my phone right now so I won't go into detail, but for stat build follow your rankup requirements at first, then put stats required to wear the gear you want, and then stack the rest in dex.

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    So I've noticed: Cabal's seem to be such a closed and selfish community in regards of sharing certain information. Of the top of my head, I don't remember ever knowing another gaming community like this.

    I guess that I'll have to form a skillset out of reading the wiki and trying to not bog myself down with so many diminishing returns in terms of cooldown time.

    Thanks for the stat advice, though; but even then that's not even static because the +x equips also up the stat requirements to wear them.


    And, to whoever it matters, I find a basic FB guide on another forum. Sadly, I can't link it here since it appears to belong to a private server (and I don't really want to get in any troubles here).

    So, if it's ok with the rules here, PM me and I'll lead you to it. If it's not ok as per forum rules, use Google to search "Cabal online force blader guide", limiting the search to one year prior, and it should be between the first three pages.
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    Best combo for PVE is
    SoD 9 > ASN 9 > II 9 if you are being lazy and auto comboing and an occasional IS 20 if you need to leach some extra hp while the mobs are stunned
    best combo for bosses IMO (and from calculating different combos has the overall highest DPS)
    ASN 9> II 9> FS 20 > ASN 9 > SoD 9 > DoR 20 repeat
    ass for pvp that's all dependent on your style of play
    but you need the impact stab, force kick/slash/assualt maybe stab for dps and the big 3 to finish.
    I'm currently righting an in depth guide for force bladers but it will likely be a week or so before it's finished as I have a lot more important things to do.

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    Thanks for the guide offering, Zmastah.

    I've been watching some videos, and the most common basic PVE combo goes:

    ASN > II > AC > II > ASN > AC > ...

    AC can get changed to any other buffer skill, but as long as you keep ASN and II on constant cooldown, those two are going to be your main offensive skills.

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    I would agree with that before seal of damnation was implemented on the game, but that has changed the combos that are used today

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    You'd be correct about that; most videos I've seen are pre-Transcender skills.

    Also, could someone clarify for me the benefits of using Force slash at higher levels?
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    High DPS and has a pretty effective area of effect

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