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Thread: Introducing DX Dungeon: Hazardous valley

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    Introducing DX Dungeon: Hazardous valley

    Introducing DX Dungeon: Hazardous Valley

    Champions of Nevareth…
    Game Master Snow here with some behind the scene footage of the upcoming content update.
    Prepare yourself as The 3rd Awakening brings forth a new dungeon that will push players to their limit.

    Challenge your abilities as you will be forced to embark on this dungeon alone. The river of green despair has been contaminated with a fertile egg. Be careful and do not fall for Opidia as she will try to seduce you with her slivery scales! Hone the powers of Battle Mode 3 to overcome the dangers that lurk in the valley. Discover the origins of this egg with caution as your adventure will surely lead to hazardous encounters!

    Here is a teaser!

    *Note the damage being done is with superior GM gear
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    why you hide your drops?
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    Sure it's gm gear.. We all know your damage hacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [GM] Lorkan View Post
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    inb4 fch drops.
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    Nice! A GM showing us footage from the test server. I am liking the effort the GM's are putting into promoting this update!

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    i honestly think our very own GMs should use fraps to record and promote new updates like this.

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    fix lag -.-

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    PLEASE PUT THE UPDATE GM nowwwwww T,T i have since December waiting for her

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