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Thread: Epaulet of Proof+3

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    Epaulet of Proof+3

    where can i find this item? like what monsters drop this?

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    I honestly feel that the botters bot specifically for proof cards, thats the only way they show up.

    Anywho heres a list...still not sure if its reliable or not.

    Happy Hunting

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    I haven't seen a proof card drop in months...and really drops in undead ground sux...I've hunted soldiers, giants, lithorn's for ages and get crap. when I was 95 I hunt UD for 4 month's and not a single formula card of any kind...and I can't remember anything other than alz dropping from ghouls...I've concluded that UD is a waste of time...if not for EOD2 I'd never go there again...

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