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Thread: Forgotten Temple B2F Basic Guide

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    Forgotten Temple B2F Basic Guide

    Sorry for the multiple posts. It only allows 4 images per post.

    Original link: http://forum.ogplanet.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=133544

    1. First thing you need to do is click on the first basin you see. It will be in the first room very close to the start. This will activate the first quest.

    2. Once activated, the quest will spawn 5 Reddants. Kill all and touch the basin again in Step 1.

    3. After you touch the basin, click the weird clock looking statue directly across from it. This will give you the quest to collect 5 Grey ant and 5 Reddant stones. Keep dashing, killing the Scarab gate on the way. Once you collect all the stones, dash up the long hallway past the Scarab gate you just broke and look for another statue that looks like the first clock one.

    4. After you clear the hallway, you will come to another Scarab gate. Click the burning blazer to continue on with the dungeon and to destroy the gate.

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    5. You have now entered the first boss room. To summon the boss, click on the fountain seen above.

    6. The boss will spawn with a shield around it, as well as a lot of ants again. The key to deactivating the shield is to kill the 1 Reddant. Once killed, you have 30 seconds to DPS before the ant respawns and the shield goes back up. After you kill the boss, click on the fountain again in Step 5 to continue.

    7. Go through the next hall and go all the way to the next Scarab gate...short distance. Click on the burning blazer.

    8. Go back to the first room and click on the chest box. After you are finished with that, go back to the blazer in Step 7 and click it again to open the gate and proceed to the next boss.

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    9. Boss is fairly easy but does have a few mobs on it so be careful.

    10. After you kill the boss, dash to the next gate and click the other blazer shown above. Dash through all the halls until you come to another Scarab gate. This one you will have to break. After you break it, you will come to a "Thunder Hallway." Get through it as fast as you can.

    11. After the "Thunder Hallway" dash until you hit a portal. Right across from the portal will be a stone statue. Click on this to activate the boss.

    12. Boss will spawn right around the corner from the statue. Kill it and click the stone statue in Step 11 to break down the gate to proceed to Ispita's room.

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    13. Touch the hanging lamp by the throne to summon Ispita(it will pop up by the closed Scarab gate on the other side of the room)

    14. Ispita's first form. Kill it.

    15. After you kill the first form, Ispita's second form will spawn, first in the lefthand square in the middle of the room, then it will jump to the right square ect...until you kill it. It hits just as hard as the first form but has a lot less defense. You cannot run through the barriers that pop up around it so you need to be inside the square in BM when it spawns. You have 30-35 seconds to kill it.

    16. About 10 seconds after killing the second form, Ispita's final form will appear, this time surrounded by mobs. Kill the mobs and Ispita's final form. After you kill Ispita, click again on the lamp in Step 13 to continue.

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    17. There will be a long, poisoned hallway filled with mobs after Ispita's room. Dash through it until you come to the next room with a fountain like the first boss.

    18. In the room you will find the boss Trugater, surrounded by more mobs that were by Ispita. Kill the mobs and the boss.

    19. Click the panel shown in Trugater's room to break down the gate.

    20. Beyond the gate are strong powerful mobs. Clear all of them to make it easier on your party later.

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    21. After you clear the mobs, dash into an opening in the wall and touch the statue seen above. Dash back out and clear out the rest of the mobs up ahead.

    22. At the end of the hallway there will be a mob called Arzip. This controls the next boss and whether it has a shield up or not. To get the boss's shield down, kill Arzip.

    23. After you kill Arzip, dash back to the portal right before Ispita's room. The boss will be inside the portal.

    24. This is the boss who has the shield controlled by Arzip. After killing Arzip you have 3 minutes to kill this boss. Low defense but still a hard hitter. Once you kill the boss, touch the statue in the room to complete the quest.

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    25. Run back to where Arzip is located and touch the wall behind it to move on.

    26. Once you get about halfway up the hallway, you will find a panel on the right-hand side of the wall. Press it to enter Tyrant's room.

    27. This is Tyrant's room, the final boss. To summon Tyrant, click on the Control Spear.

    28. Tyrant will spawn right in the middle of the room and most likely will hit everyone in your party for 3k+ so it is essential to know when to run away. Dying on this part is NOT advisable.

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    29. After you kill Tyrant, Tyrant's final form Leth Tyrant will spawn.

    30. While Leth Tyrant is enough to worry about, this is when the Control Spear also activates. Every 30 seconds, it will fire a laser beam into the middle of the room, that will make beetles pop out of the floor(as crazy as that sounds). If you are caught anywhere inside the laser beam attack, you most likely will get one hit. If you manage to beat Leth Tyrant, click on the Control Spear shown in Step 27 to complete the dungeon.

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    nice guide

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    No worries about the numerous posts, we already know about the 4 image limit lol.
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