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Thread: Summer in Gold II

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    Summer in Gold II

    Greeting CABAL Online Players,

    We are excited to announce the return of the Summer in Gold event! Make sure to take advantage of the event and obtain the exclusive SIGMetal gear from Event Girl Yul. All SIGMetal items are temporary, however if you are able to +14 them before they expire, they become permanent!

    [Event Period]
    • Event items will be dropped:
      June 27th July 24th
    • NPC Event Girl Yul will be available:
      June 27th July 24th
    • SIGMetal item duration
      7 day

    [How to Participate]
    • Step 1: Collect Gold Coins and Keys from dungeons.
    • Step 2: Meet with Event Girl Yul to exchange 30 Coins, 30 Keys, and Alz for a SIGMetal item of your choice.
    • Step 3: SIGMetal items from Event Girl Yul are temporary, however if enchanted to +14 they will become permanent.

    [Dungeons that Drop Gold Coins]
    • Lake in Dusk
    • Frozen Tower of Undead (B1F)
    • Volcanic Citadel
    • Frozen Tower of Undead (B2F)
    • Forgotten Temple B1F
    • Panic Cave (Easy)
    • Panic Cave (Normal)
    • Steamer Crazy (Easy)
    • Steamer Crazy (Normal)
    • Catacomb Frost (Easy)
    • Catacomb Frost (Normal)
    • Lava Hellfire (Easy)
    • Lava Hellfire (Normal)
    • Hazardous Valley (Easy)
    • Hazardous Valley (Normal)

    [Dungeons that Drop Gold Keys]
    • Forbidden Island
    • Altar of Siena B1F
    • Forgotten Temple B2F
    • Altar of Siena B2F
    • Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
    • Panic Cave (Hard)
    • Steamer Crazy (Hard)
    • Catacomb Frost (Hard)
    • Lava Hellfire (Hard)
    • Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    • Maquinas Outpost
    • Frozen Tower of Undead (B3F)

    Note: Gold Coins/Keys are tradeable.

    [Event Girl Yul]
    • Upgrade Core (High): 1,600,000 Alz
    • SIGMetal Equipment: 30 Gold Coins, 30 Gold Keys, and 20,000,000 Alz
    • All items are 2 slot, 7 day duration, and +0 enchant.
    • Items become permanent and once enchanted to +14.
    • Items include:
    • SIGMetal Helms Critical Rate + 8%
    • SIGMetal Helms Critical DMG + 16%
    • SIGMetal Suits All Skill Amp +7%
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